QPEC is a coalition of parents and educators concerned to promote high quality within each sector of public education. It was launched in mid 1997 and is an incorporated society.

The Aims of QPEC are:

  • To promote education as a basic human right available to everyone through a quality public education system based on social justice and equity;
  • To provide a public forum to counter the trend towards marketisation of education;
  • To promote co-operation instead of competition between individual schools and between state and integrated schools;
  • To facilitate debate based on accurate information;
  • To initiate and disseminate research;
  • To inform parents and communities about sound educational practices;
  • To advocate systems and processes through which students, parents and teachers can be heard;
  • To support parents experiencing difficulties within the education system.


    QPEC has:

  • organised many public meetings and education sector meetings in centres —organised conferences and public forums around NZ to highlight problem areas in education for parents;
  • lobbied for changes in key government education policies;
  • taken part in the public debate on educational issues.